Playing the ceiling with glass wallpaper

The most important condition in the course of gluing with rallies, first of all, it is worth noting that it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the surface, since in most cases a brick or chipboard acts as it quality. Upon completion of gluing glass, you can immediately proceed to the decoration. In some cases, the surface can not even be painted, but the priming of porous surfaces is mandatory, and it is best to use adhesive compounds for this.

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By and large, the process of working with such a modification of wallpaper is similar to working with wallpaper from non -woven. Since they are usually glued to the same, when cutting, it is necessary to leave a five -centimeter allowance, and accordingly remove excess. Since very often the edges of such wallpapers are shaken, then it is necessary to ensure a reserve.

In view of the fact that the production of such wallpaper involves the use of the main material of fiberglass, they have the best qualities of fabric and glass, as a result, that the wallpaper of the rack to abrasion, and are also quite strong. Note that by gluing the targeted place with fiberglass, we get a kind of reinforced surface and, for example, on the ceiling, this will prevent the formation of cracks. In case of fire, the structure of such wallpaper will not allow the fire to spread.