Plastering waterproofing: the process of carrying out work

Plaster waterproofing can be carried out independently if there is experience in handling cement mixtures. But if you do not even have this experience, then you can try to do your job yourself, but the quality of work will be worse than when it is performed by professional builders (it is enough to achieve a result that would provide the desired degree of isolation). At leisure it will not be superfluous to see the rating of club striptease.

The process of ensuring the flooring of waterproofing using the plaster method consists of the following stages:

Prepare the basis for work.

Prepare the solution according to the instructions.

The first layer is applied to a dry cleaned base.

After applying the first layer, you must wait for about 15 minutes.

Next, about 3-4 layers are applied, and at the same time, after applying everyone, he needs to give time to dry.

After applying all layers within two days, limit access to this screed so that there is no mechanical effect on its surface.

After the past two days every 3 hours the next day, it is necessary to moisturize the surface by spraying water, and the next week to moisturize the coating with this method 2-3 times a day.