Plastering the main technological techniques themselves

Applying the plaster, the process is laborious, requiring certain experience and skills. At the heart of work – preparation of the mixture and surface for plastering work. To repair the ceilings in the apartment without any problems. Before applying the plaster, the surface is cleaned of contaminants and covered with a special primer solution, this contributes to the better molestation of the plaster. There are several types for plastering: cement, lime, gypsum-lime. For a cement mortar, a mixture of cement and sand is used in a ratio of 1: 3, water and fastener are added, for example, glue or gypsum. For lime solution, lime dough and sand are used in a ratio of 1: For greater strength, you can also add glue or cement.

If the alabaster is diluted with water, a durable gypsum-license solution is obtained. If, after the plastering work carried out on the surface, cracks have formed, then the quality of the cement used should be called into question. Another fairly common cause of cracks is a violation of technology during the preparation of the solution. Nevertheless, do not be upset, any crack can be sealed with a spatula.

It is important to adhere to certain rules in plastering: work at a temperature of air no more than 22 degrees. Drive the surface immediately after the solution of the solution. The second and subsequent layers of the plaster are pounced after the first layer is completely dry.