Plastering machine and the principles of its work

Plastering machine, or torque, is designed to apply a cement-sand solution to the surface of the walls or ceiling by machine method. Thorcret is widely used in the production of repair work, which allows you to reduce labor costs. Torkret is used for finishing work: for applying plaster from cement, lime, gypsum and other solutions, as well as devices. The principle of operation of the machine is simple: a plastering mixture is filled into the receiving hopper, which is mixed with an elevator wheel, then the mixture through the vibration is moved to the solutions and under a pressure of 2-2.5 atm. applied to the plastered surface. By the way, before buying plastic windows for a new home, do not forget to carefully wipe the window for the windows so that it does not have a lot of plaster.

The plastering machine has a number of advantages: it is able to prepare a mixture uniform in composition and consistency, applying the plaster mixture occurs quite quickly and accurately, the supply of the mixture for pressure allows for a humid tap -border, the machine is ungabarit, which facilitates its transportation, installation and dismantling it. The plaster machine, despite the high cost, pays off very quickly, as it replaces the work of four masters. Finishing work is carried out optimally quickly, which increases labor productivity in construction.