Pine windows against plastic windows

It is no secret that the plastic windows have almost replaced the technologically and morally outdated wooden windows double -glazed windows. Such success is ensured due to the presence of PVC windows of large advantages. Plastic windows are created taking into account the latest technologies, they are very sealed, they have small heat losses and excellent sound insulation. In addition, ice and fogging does not appear on these windows, and they are also much more convenient in operation, due to the availability of accessories. But plastic windows do not have what even the most obsolete wooden has is naturalness.

The tree is largely inferior to the material from which the PVC windows are made, it is drying out, he is fiddling and of course decays. But thanks to all the same new technologies, technologies for the manufacture of glued beam from natural wood have appeared. Window frames made of such material are not inferior to plastic. In the frames made of glued beams, you can install double -glazed windows, which makes these windows worthy competitors of plastic.

For the production of wooden window frames, different wood species are used, including pine, which is very accessible and high -quality. Pine is easily processed, tinted, and it also has a long service life.