Paul from stone: naturalness and elegance

The floor trimmed with stone is very durable and able to maintain its aesthetic properties for a long time. The type of flooring for the floor must be correctly selected, and when operating the floor, it is necessary to adhere to some rules.

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Granite as floor material does not absorb moisture poorly, but has high hardness, so it is best used for the kitchen floor. It must be remembered that on polished granite it is easy to slip, so it is covered with a drug that prevents the glide.

Marble, on the contrary, absorbs the liquid well, but can change color, so it is not recommended to use it in the kitchen.

Porous travertine is quite whimsical in use: it is difficult to care for it.

For the kitchen, the ideal material for the floor is sandstone and limestone. Over time, these materials are covered with natural gray patina.

Also, floors can be laid out with tiles of stone (granite-quartz or marble) conglomerate. It is less prone to pollution. It is necessary to care for such material as well as natural stone.

The floor for the floor must be prepared to prepare. Most often, polished tiles are used, which is laid in both a suture and seamless way. You can use a chopped, pre -polished stone if the kitchen is designed in a rustic style.

The flooring can be decorated with stone mosaics.