Parquet is a classic of beauty in your house.

Not everyone can afford the whole apartment. This is a fairly expensive flooring. But this material creates a pleasant home comfort and emphasizes the prestige of the owner of the house. The piece parquet has some healing properties: its relief surface when walking is a light massage of the feet and thereby increases blood circulation. And its color in the room creates lightness and naturalness.

Manufacturers offer parquets from Manchu ash, oak, birch, campsa. The parquet is the most important hardness of wood. It is she who affects the wear resistance of the parquet. Parquet made of soft wood from deflection and destruction will not save even the use of varnish. The color of the parquet depends on the wood breed that goes to its manufacture. Parquet from birch has a bright pleasant shine. And from the ash growing in Manchuria, the parquet is dark with a cream tint and a denser structure. Parquets from Kempas are distinguished by their durability. Recently, a bamboo parquet, which is very dense, hard and moisture resistant, has become popular. To lay it, a special two -component parquet glue is used. Bamboo parquet is also laid like a regular parquet, only it is not required to cover it with varnish, since initially all bamboo parquets are covered with special varnish.