Palace parquet or cork floors

The name itself suggests that this type of parquet is the most expensive material, because in the process of working on the creation of labor -intensive paintings, the parquet is very complicated.

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In addition, the palace parquet has a highly artistic image in the form of a wide variety of curved forms.

In the process of its manufacture, up to eighty tree species take part, which is a visually real art history of natural building material, which is a wonderful framing of the house completely different in style. A feature of the aesthetic direction is the client’s desire, reflected in the image of the drawing of his parquet floor, also has the opportunity to choose from the sketches of various demonstration models.

Camping floors differ significantly from the palace parquet, but are also made of natural building material. Such types of sexes have their advantages: high insulation of sound, heat preservation in the room. They surpassed all the parameters of other flooring.

Camping floors are environmentally friendly material, they are very beautiful in appearance, and also have wear resistance, because they are kept by a vinyl film glued to the front surface of the floor.