Organization of the working area of ​​the first grader

So, the long -awaited moment has come and your child is going to first grade. So how to organize his workplace at home correctly? What are the minimum requirements must be fulfilled so that the child does not plant vision and does not spoil the posture? This is what we talk about this in this article.

Not everyone has a separate room for a children’s workplace. But still he should have a separate zone. Let it be separated by even a cabinet, at least with blinds, but still separated. This is necessary so that the surrounding space does not fall into the field of view of the child and does not interfere with concentration.

Furniture for your child is best chosen wooden, not plastic, since harmful evaporation can go from poor -quality plastic. The most optimal option would be such furniture that could be transformed as your baby grows. So you will have more space in the apartment and the child will already have the usual furniture. By the way, do not buy a child to a child, because it is precisely because of him that the posture can bend. A hard and motionless chair is the best solution.

As for the lighting, even if the workplace is at the very window, you still need additional lighting. The lamp should be at least seventy centimeters above the surface of its table and radiate warm light. Energy -saving lamps are best suited, since they will not heat up as much as ordinary ones, and the child will never burn.

An ideal option would be a table with rolling boxes, since the child should have order on the table already from the first grade. If this is not possible, buy a fabric organizer with pockets: it will be very easy to move.