Organization of space in rooms

In front of the desktop of a chair or chairs for visitors. A place to relax should be organized so that there could be conversations, meetings with veterans, watch films. Along one of the walls there is a rack designed to store books, magazines, documents. This rack provides a large niche in which portraits, pennants, letters, etc. can be placed. P., The background of this niche can be painted in bright color, for example red. Near the rack, in the center of the room, there is a table with newspapers, magazines that can be used for meetings, meetings. With such simple means, taking into account the main purpose of the Lenin room, any small space can be solved. Here it becomes possible to especially highlight the solemn zone, a place to read, meetings. Against the background of these cloths, a sculptural or graphic portrait in. AND. Lenin, banners, pennants. Nearby you can organize an exhibition dedicated, for example, to campaigns in Lenin places or places of military glory. The center of the room is allocated for meetings. Along one of the walls is low sectional furniture for newspapers, magazines and various documentation. This technique of organizing space does not require large costs, it is available to the general public, it can be made of available furniture. The interior of the pioneer room can also be solved by the simplest means: the walls are upholstered in slats, which are placed banners, pennants, flags. The banner of the pioneer organization can be located in this case on the plane of the wall near the window. Pans can be placed around the perimeter of the room, creating a festive, high mood. In this room, quite a lot of space is allotted for the deployment of any exhibition.