One -room apartment

Any item can be used for several purposes. This is a simple rule followed by ninja warriors, perfectly applicable to the arrangement and organization of the space of a one-room apartment. In most modern houses, the balcony is built in the form of loggia.

This gives the inhabitants of the apartment the opportunity to win the space by investing a certain amount in the alteration of the loggia itself and the transition to it from the room. First you should close the side of Lodge to the street as reliable as possible to close a good window. Modern windows give such an opportunity.

After the door leading from the room to the loggia is removed, the window frame combined with it is removed. The space is united, but so that the ledge, on which the inner window relied, plays the role of the barrier. If the construction of the house allows and the management company does not mind, this barrier can be removed, but it should be remembered that it may contain a heating battery that is very needed in our climate.

A children’s bed placed in the gaming zone can serve as an excellent organizing object if it has the form of a “attic” – at the top there is a directly sleeping place, and under it – a space for games. If height allows, then you can put a small table in the opening of such a bed, but then you should think about lighting so that the child does not sit constantly in the dark or with lamps turned on – this is harmful.