One of the final strokes of any interior is the decoration of the window.

Heavy curtains are not in fashion now, preference is increasingly given to roller curtains. They got their name for the ability to slide into a compact roll, opening the entire window opening. A wide range of offered colors and textures of the fabric makes the task of choosing a fairly simple option suitable for a specific setting. You can limit yourself to one canvas closing the entire window. It can be suitable for color scheme under the rest of the interior, or contrast with it. The option of using several curtains suspended at different heights is also interesting. You can choose canvases, different in shade, and alternate them.

There are several options for fastening such curtains. Perhaps a traditional fastening to the ceiling. You can fix the cornice on the frame itself and be able to open the window without interference. Also acceptable options for installing the cornice on the wall just above the window, in the window opening or on the fixed parts of the windows.

Depending on the necessary degree of protection against light, curtains of various densities are used that can disperse, reflect or isolate the rays of the sun. Impregnation is designed to protect the fabric from exposure to direct sunlight.