Oil paint

Often for painting various surfaces, oil paint is used. It is quite durable and durable. You can use it both inside and outside the room. Important advantages of such paint are high occupancy and low paint consumption. It can even be used as a primer layer of the surface. For example, it can be used before staining the surface with alkyd enamels, before applying liquid wallpaper or other similar finishing materials. Such paint is often used combined, artificial or natural olifa. Pigments of mineral origin, fillers are also added to the paint. Olifa is often made of vegetable oils.

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When using natural olifa in paint, paint will have great elasticity and strength. She will withstand any atmospheric precipitation and can be used to carry out external work. The combined olifs that make up the paint cannot give such a thick layer, but they are more durable and waterproof. Artificial olifs in paints are not resistant to atmospheric influences, so it is better to use them for internal work.