Non -ferrous metal roof

For a long time, non -ferrous metals have been used to create a reliable roof cover, with which the roof is made. Most often, for this purpose, zinc-titan, aluminum and copper are used. Copper roof has a number of advantages and positive characteristics. Such a roof will last you long enough, in addition, it will not need to be additionally painted or cleaned. The material is absolutely harmless to humans, and thanks to the natural plasticity of the material, it can be used to create original and complex roofs. But copper is a fairly expensive material, so not everyone can afford such a pleasure. As for aluminum, this material is practical, not by the exposure of atmospheric precipitation, as well as color resistance.

Zinc-Titan for the roof has a long service life, because a special protective layer is applied on its surface-patina. Five years after laying such a roof, the patination process completely ends, and the roof becomes a gray even color. Zinc-Titan is very plastic and is easy to solder. The material is advisable to use for roofs of any shape.

Having completed the process of creating a roof, you should take care of the internal repair of the house, as well as the creation of various systems. The solution will be excellent to purchase water filters that will allow you to drink purified and not enriched with various bacteria and substances. Moreover, filters are now available and represented by a wide variety. So you care about your health.