Myths around the foam concrete

At the moment, during the construction of houses, many different materials are used, some are often used, and some rarely, so such a material as foam concrete, according to statistics, gradually increases its popularity, at least in our country.

This happens thanks to its many advantages, although it is worth noting that everything could have been better if it were not for myths. We are talking about myths or prejudices that relate to this material. The fact is that people when choosing building materials and indeed, when choosing between something, are often guided by unverified tips, which are sometimes real myths.

For example, many believed and still think that foam concrete is practically or does not “breathe” at all, due to the fact that it consists of isolated cells. But this is perfect stupidity, since this material breathes perfectly, its gas exchange in the same way does not depend on the closeness or openness of the air pores.

Another myth concerns the fact that a 30 centimeter wall will be enough for the construction of a normal house, the density of which varies in the region of 500-600 kg from foam concrete. m this is completely incorrect, since the bearing capacity of this material is not so great that you can build a wall of 30 cm from it, unless we are talking about the construction of a one -story house with a very small -sized roof.