My home is my fortress

So that this proverb is not unfounded, you should carefully choose the front door when buying it and monitor its installation.

Doors are wooden and metal. But, no matter what they would not, they must be strong enough to reflect gross power; must have an eye or other possibility of control; sound and thermal insulation so that the design of the door does not allow the heat to go beyond the apartment; should have a reliable lock against hacks. Well, to everything else, the door should look beautiful and delighted with the eye on both sides. The strength of the doors, first of all, in the material from which it is made. It is clear that the metal door is more stable than wooden. And the latter, moreover, do not meet the current safety requirements. The thickness of the door leaf is important – the thicker, the stronger. Rubber gasket framed around the perimeter of the door will not allow all sorts of unpleasant odors to the apartment. This is especially true. If your neighbors on the site are avid smokers.

It is desirable that the front door takes place for at least two locks – in principle, it is not necessary, as this will ruin the appearance of the door. Outside, the door is usually upholstered with plastic, wood or dermatin. Although it is safer to paint it with a powder method – then in a fire it will not burn.