Multilayer wall blocks

Data building multi -layer blocks are better known as the heat units, including about three layers. Speaking in detail, the first layer is a supporting base, after which it follows the other layer that plays the role of insulation. The final layer falls on the decorative surface. In view of the fact that multi -layer structures have unique features, they can be used without repair work. It is worth mentioning that block structures are resistant to frost and get along well with polystyrene foam. The main advantages of multi -layer wall blocks are as follows: if you are interested in automation of a taxi service, then you can learn more about it on the site

– The use of blocks does not need preparatory work in the implementation of interior decoration.

– At the end of the work, there are practically no waste and residues.

– Almost any architecture can be implemented.

– Masonry is the highest quality.

– During the construction of low -rise buildings, there is no need to attract lifting equipment.

– In view of the fact that the complexity of the process of work is small, then the material costs of work with multi -layer blocks are insignificant.