Multifunctional Venetian Kelms.

Nowadays, the variety of finishing materials is simply surprising. All this leads to the need to use special tools, which are becoming more and more.

To obtain coatings that imitate natural marble and granite, they almost always use tools such as the Kelm Venetian.

I would like to immediately note that experienced plasters prefer the Venetian Celms, because its name does not indicate the place of origin.

Venetian kelm – ready to cope with a huge spectrum of tasks for which they are used. By and large, a cell of this type is not some separate tool, but a whole line of tools that give the master the opportunity to perform final coatings with the desired quality and level.

Experienced decoration experts and designers know that to create a wall coating you need to use the Venetian Celles of the Italian company 3M-SRL.

When compared with other similar devices, it can be noted that the Venetian Celles are distinguished by rounded corners and an exceptionally smooth surface. This is necessary in order to avoid the appearance of various scratches and other defects, in the process of forming glossy.

I would also like to say that Venetian Kelms have all the necessary qualities in order to ensure the maximum result when working with such reverent material as Venetian plaster.