Modern wooden window structures

Previously, wooden windows in our country were made from raw wood using old technologies. It is for this reason that such designs were unreliable. They were not able to provide the desired level of thermal insulation and sound insulation. Repair was constantly required due to the fact that the cracks arose, and the hardware functioned poorly. That’s why, when PVC windows began to appear, the installation of wood windows remained in the past. To date, the market of wood windows began to revive with the advent of the latest technology. Frames of such windows today have nothing common with the frames of their predecessors. For the production of bindings, the windows are used today not a raw array, but a glued beam that is not at all exposed and is able to withstand huge loads.

At the moment, in our market you can find domestic windows made of wood and wooden euro windows. The applied technology related to wood processing is this main quality indicator. When the material is dried, the content of humidity as a percentage should not exceed twelve percent. As for the sawing of the beam, it is produced only after the beam is finally dried. If we talk about the service life of the window, then it will be determined by processing.