Modern roofing materials

For the needs of construction, a large set of roofing materials is used. Let’s try to figure them out more.

One of the materials used for these purposes is roofing material. It is saturated with oil bitumen and covered with special sprinkling. It is necessary to stick it by mastic. Highlight lining and roofing types.

Another material for the roof is only. It is twice impregnated with tar products and processed with coarse -grained or sandy sprinkles. It is mainly used for waterproofing. The following types of felts are distinguished: waterproofing (it includes a cover film of the impregnation), with coarse -grained and sandy sprinkles.

Roof pergamine is used as lining material. For its manufacture, use roof cardboard with the addition of bitumen impregnation.

Pressing clay and exposing it to firing, they get clay tiles. Its such types are distinguished: flat tape, groove ribbon and ridge, stamped groove.

Asbestos -cement flat sheets are made in a similar way, but their dimensions are larger (from 1.2 to 3.6 m). Their thickness is 10 mm. In addition to sheets, flat tiles are produced.

Also, thin -leaf steel is used for the needs of roofing (thickness – from 0.35 mm to 0.8 mm). Their length is from seventy to two hundred centimeters, and a width of about fifty – one hundred centimeters. In fact, this is ordinary black steel covered with a layer of zinc, the thickness of which is 0.02 mm.