Modern materials for industrial sex

Traditional materials for the floors of industrial buildings, garages, warehouses, etc. P. either concrete or cement-sand screed, or ceramic tiles are considered. But recently, an alternative to covering floors with modular PVC tiles has appeared, which is becoming increasingly widespread. Unlike other types of floors, PVC tile floor is laid quickly, unmistakably, without stopping the production process and can be used immediately after installation. Clutch of tiles with each other can be carried out by various types of locking joints, but the most common is the “Lastochkin tail” connection.

Such floors are resistant to mechanical loads, including shock, vibration loads and noise are extinguished, have an anti -slip effect, differ in resistance to chemical and organic substances, they are easy to repair and maintain clean. Such flooring also has thermal insulation properties.

In addition, PVC tiles are mobile, that is, they can easily and quickly be dismantled and transferred to another room, and for their installation it is not required to pre -prepare the base, they can be put on any surface, including inclined.