Minimalism as a design style

In a separate direction in art, minimalism has never been. Minimalism took its origin in functionalism and constructivism. Minimalism as a style is widespread in design, electronic technology, music, sculpture, painting, and, of course, in architecture. Minimalism originated on the basis of the high-tech style, as one of its species, which was more adapted to everyday life and a strict situation in the office. Currently, minimalism is one of the most famous styles in modern interiors. Unlike hi-tech, in the form in which we are used to seeing it, there are no reinforcement and pipes located on the surface in minimalism. The main emphasis lies on the material, texture and shape of objects in the interior. Materials that are used to create these interiors: steel (stainless and chrome), different plastics, glass, natural and artificial stones, ceramics, textured and polished wood. The most important thing in creating these interiors is a perfectly planned space, where there is a lot of air, quite calm, diffused light, so much that both the walls and the ceiling begin to seem to seem like both the walls. To create a feeling of spaciousness and latitude, in the room, if possible, all internal partitions are removed. Huge windows that saturate the entire space with light, connect the room with the environment, making part of the interior from it. Finishing work is an interesting matter. Especially decorating, well, let’s say offices or apartments. It is necessary to pre -purchase all the necessary materials, carry out plastering work, compose a design project. You can invite professionals, then you will be waiting for the change and these changes for the better.