Metal tile – reliable material for the roofs of private houses

If you close the cottage until spring, then do not forget to visit it one or two in winter. After all, it is better to correct the malfunction immediately, otherwise you can return to the dilapidated building in the spring. Typically, for the roofs of summer houses, metal tiles, cement-sand tiles and flexible tiles are used. Strong frost is not terrible cement-sand tiles, t. To. It has a uniform composition. Those who produce it, and also produce ceramic tiles indicate frost resistance in cycles, the minimum is 150 cycles of thawing, that is, during the thaw, the upper layer is destroyed, and it is precisely for Russia that this should be taken into account. The metal tile is not at all afraid of frosts and temperature changes, it is made of galvanized steel sheet, and has a polymer coating, there is based on polyurethane. It is this polymer that will suffer dynamic loads well, and temperatures within -35 to +130 degrees. But in reality, he is not afraid of Morozov and in -60 degrees, this is evidenced by the exploitation of polyurethane vehicles in Yakutia. There is a flexible tile on a bitumen basis, it loses its plasticity at low temperatures and is stained. Manufacturers fight this due to additives in a mixture of special modifiers. It is worth remembering that in severe frost and at the same time with a strong wind, or with a large mass of snow, fragility will become a critical factor. There are times when, with severe frosts, flexible tiles become fragile as with flowing and cracking.