Metal roof

The metal roof of the building is a reliable type of coating. Can last a very long time. It is only necessary to choose high -quality material and process in a timely manner from possible corrosion subsequently. Metal coatings are good in that they do not ignite, resistant to temperature fluctuations – all this makes buildings protected from fire.

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Common types of metal from metal are flat. Made of rolls for roofs. The upper layer of zinc, which covers roll steel, protects it from harmful effects. New technologies provide for spraying with an aluminum and zinc, which creates better protection of such a roof covering. Thus, the roof is not available to the processes of oxidation of the tiles (metal tiles). These are separate metal parts that are collected in a continuous surface. Conveniently laid. Give the structure a beautiful, modern appearance. The choice of different colors of metal tiles is proposed. Non -ferrous. Its basis is a tetan and zinc alloy. The color of the roof of non -ferrous metals gradually changes. Since the oxidation of metals is going on. But the material for such a roof is special in its special plasticity, durability. This is from the category of expensive coatings.