Metal -concrete forms

Metal-concrete forms, despite the saving of metal (over 50%), due to their increased weight and the presence of polished mosaic tray were not widely used.

They were used in some cases for the manufacture of plates and panels from autoclave cellular concrete.

Reinforced concrete matrices developed. tech. sciences. TO. Khaidukov and other employees of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR are motionless or mobile, inexorable forms. The internal dimensions of the matrix correspond to the dimensions of the formed team of the reinforced concrete part.

Fixed matrices are applicable in the manufacture of predominantly large reinforced concrete prefabricated parts with a large and developed surface and a relatively small thickness.

Heating elements are most often tubular registers that provide circulation of coolant-pair, hot water or air. Electroteum is also used using threads or incandescent spirals passing in inner voids, or tires laid in the body of concrete.

The embedded parts of the on -board equipment are collapsible shaping elements made of wood or metal, the size and cross -section of which are determined by the contour of the formed reinforced concrete part; They are attached with round steel rods, missed through the holes in the body of the main side of the matrix body; The rods have eyes for fasteners at the ends.