Making the foundation on piles

In some situations, it is impossible to do without the construction of the foundation on piles. The choice of this method of erecting the foundation usually contributes to the characteristics of the future structure. If it is necessary to build a solid residential building on a soil having unstable indicators and is very inclined to natural leaching, resort to the use of this option of building the foundation. To start work, it is necessary to determine with the method of strengthening piles. With this technology, two types of pile fixing are used:

Pouring the pillars with a concrete mixture with a preliminary premises of the latter into pre -drilled recesses in the soil in the marked places;

Piles clogging when using specialized equipment on a pre -prepared area.

Both methods are widely used in practice and have certain advantages allowing the use of this method in the vast majority of construction cases on the soil with non -stable indicators.

After the piles are installed, they are combined around the perimeter by constructing some kind of screed. The soil of the perimeter located inside the resulting perimeter is covered with small gravel, after which the work on making the foundation is considered a complete.