Making a strip foundation for a bathhouse

The strip foundation is a reinforced concrete structure in the form of a closed monolithic tape, which has a large load ability. Such a foundation is most suitable for baths built of brick, wood or stone, as well as those that are being built using frame technology.

For the construction of a strip foundation, it is necessary to carry out a large amount of preparatory work. It must be borne in mind that the width of the strip foundation must be wider than the wall walls by about 10 cm. And the height of the foundation is always more than width twice. Когда подготовка участка, который отвели под застройку, закончена, начинают копать траншею под ленточный фундамент. After the base for the foundation is ready and aligned, they begin to fill it with layers of gravel and sand. The thickness of each of the layers is approximately 15-20 cm.

Each layer is tamped and spilled with water. A thin layer of concrete (no more than 10 cm) or polyethylene film is applied to the very top of the already finished base. The solution is gaining strength for 5 days and creates insulation of the foundation with polystyrene foam. When the base for the foundation is ready, they proceed to the manufacture of formwork from the boards. Install it inside the trench, while periodically check the vertical of the formwork. Take out the formwork above the ground level by 30 cm. In the finished formwork, the reinforcement is installed, collecting it in a single frame. Sections of the reinforcement are fastened with steel wire. Put the frame to the height of the entire foundation.