Lust roof from fibrous asbestos -cement sheets

Between logs when assembling a log house, it is necessary to lay insulation material. Although after the log house is completely dry, it is necessary to perform hemp work. That is, they make a seal between the gaps of the logs of the crowns and in the cuts of the corners of Pacley, moss. Such materials must be laid with a fairly even layer and clog them into the cracks using special blades, which are made of the hardest layers of wood and have the appearance of the wedge.

It should be borne in mind that this can lead to a skew of the wall of the bath. To avoid this, the walls need to be heated in a certain sequence around the entire perimeter. They usually start with the very bottom and so gradually rise to the very top.

In the event that you use a felt as a filler, then it must first be impregnated in formalin. This is necessary in order to prevent the appearance of moths. And the best option would be if you soak it with resin or bitumen. Only such impregnation can only be carried out outside the bathhouse. Otherwise an unpleasant odor will appear, from which it will be quite difficult to get rid of. When using the pack, it is previously rolled into balls. The seal is made initially at the upper part of the bath, and only then go along the lower edge. And only after that everything is aligned.