Large -block coating installation

The manufacture of special rafter farms is provided in the temperature joints of the camp building and lanterns above them (without a middle rack) for installing an mounting beam. This provided the non -humble lifting of heavy bridge cranes with blocks weighing up to 100 tons.

Additional requirements defined the optimal mark of the bottom of the foundations for reinforced concrete columns of the machine room No. this allowed to perform the reverse backfill before the installation of the columns and significantly facilitate the installation of structures.

The DTT provided for the supply of maximum consumed prefabricated reinforced concrete structures from the manufacturers or the installation of embedded parts in the installation joints that ensure the enlargement of the elements in the blocks on the installation site with minimal labor costs.

Due to the large size of the foundations for the frame of the building in the plan and in height and a low level of the level of pits (from – 3 to – 16 m), embedded parts should be laid in the body of the foundations, which then allowed the foundations to be built for the safe installation of supporting plates and columns.

But, contrary to the DTT and the elemental graphs, the designs from the manufacturers did not come with whole blocks, but several elements: columns – two sending stamps, crane beams – elements of 12 m long without brake flooring and horizontal ties.