Laminated interior doors

Many experienced builders and people who have made repairs know that high quality is not always a high price. As an example, you can cite interior laminated doors. Such doors are much cheaper than doors from an array and at the same time a little worse than them.

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Laminated doors are of good fire resistance and moisture resistance. Such a door can be without fear of washing water from a hose. In addition, these doors easily resist mechanical influences and are not subject to deformation. Laminated doors are not affected by a sharp change in temperature and direct sunlight.

Interior laminated doors have an excellent appearance. It is very difficult to distinguish such a door from the door from the array of any tree breed. But this is not all the advantages of these doors, because we must also mention the high chemical stability that these doors show. Therefore, they can be washed with any detergents. Moreover, in order to clean such a door from pollution and it is not necessary to use detergents, since there will be enough ordinary rag and warm water.

Laminated doors are a great choice among a large assortment of interior doors, they are worth every ruble that you will have to pay for them.