Laminated floor sandwich

Probably, many already know that the laminate is not only beautiful, but also a reliable flooring in operation. The disadvantages of this coating are low moisture resistance and bitterness. Although considering the numerous advantages of this material, the shortcomings are fading into the background.

No matter what you need to get acquainted with more details what is actually a laminate. From a technological point of view, the laminate is pressed with each other flat panels. Considering the structure of the laminate, you can notice that it is similar to the “sandwich”.

Namely, the lower layer is made of melanin, namely, it protects the entire panel from deformation. The middle layer is considered the bearing, since it is made of moisture -resistant wood -fiber material. It is on the middle layer that the quality and durability of the entire panel in general depends.

The next layer is also the main one, since it is he who is subjected to both mechanical and other damage and loads. Therefore, in addition to the drawing, a decorative layer of melamine or acrylic coating is applied. In addition to the fact that this layer protects the board from moisture, it also provides protection against abrasion.