Laminate – joy for the floor!

The floor covered with laminate has a number of advantages over other floor coverings. First of all, this is practicality. Caring for it does not require special efforts and costs. This is environmentally friendly material, so it can be laid in children’s rooms, which is quite resistant to high loads, has a long service life and an acceptable price. In addition, anyone can put the panel, just familiarize yourself with the technology of styling.

What is the laminate? These are small panels made of wood-fibrous slab. By accessibility, it can be called folk flooring. Of course, he is far from the parquet, but you can make panels with any pattern similar to a parquet.

Laminate is a panel made in several layers, a composition of melamine or acrylic resin is applied from above. Acryl gives the laminate high strength. A little about the disadvantages. A different laminate withstands a different degree of load, is afraid of prolonged moisture exposure. The surface on which the coating is laid should be perfectly flat. The incorrectly laid laminate will begin to creak after a while.

But with all the shortcomings, this material has become a popular and widespread floor covering. Experts do not advise walking on stilettos and not moving heavy furniture on it. It will not work to get rid of dents and scratches.