Laminate: class and styling methods

Laminate – a multilayer flooring made of dense wood -fiber slab with the addition of other layers to increase stability and resistance to damaging factors. The base of the plate gives the coating resistance to the action of pressure and load. From below, the laminate has a paraffin impregnated with paraffin, which gives water resistance to the laminate. At the top, the plate is covered with a laminated film, and the number of these layers determines the laminate class: the larger there are, the higher the class. The laminate class determines its strength and durability, so you should choose based on the purpose of the room: bedroom, kitchen, hallway. For example, class 32 laminate is very high and suitable even for the office.

But class 31 can be used in an apartment where the load is smaller. In addition, the value of the class directly affects the cost. Why do you need to overpay and install a high-class laminate at home, if you want to change the situation through a year or two, and you just have to throw the plates in excellent condition?

Before laying the laminate, you need to thoroughly leve the floor, then lay the substrate.

Now about styling methods. There are 2 main ways: adhesive and bloodless, or assembly. With the adhesive method of assembly, you protect the laminate from moisture. But the Besecle method is easier, it is performed independently, and if necessary, it can easily be disassembled. So choose what is better for you.