Lak – protection for wood coating

Confident strength, proven by many years, as well as widespread use around the world, allows you to strengthen the wood through the use of a special protective coating in the form of varnish. The choice of varnish coating is due to the requirements provided to it.

Lessing of wooden coatings requires the use of water reduced varnishes and colors, the basis of which is organic dyes. This is the most hygienic kind of varnishes. In addition to such, there are special varnishes to protect wood. On light wood, furniture and oil paints use the PF-283 varnish containing alkyd resins modified with liquid acids, vegetable oils and a special pile with the addition of a sequet.

To create a protective coating for various wooden species, nitrolaki are used. The basis of such varnishes is cellulose and colloxilin, alcohol complex etheric and ketone solvents. The properties of nitrolaks are specially resistant to mineral oils, gasoline, but with low resistance to the action of alkalis and ultraviolet radiation. It is important to remember that the water resistance of nitrolaks is limited, so the wood of wet rooms is not covered with them.

For polishing wood coatings, a polyter is used, which is a special varnish, which includes film -forming substances and alcohol.