Kitchen in a multifunctional interior

Correctly observing a certain possibility of functional planning of the interior, the kitchen can further maintain its modernity and avoid the operational inconvenience associated with alterations. Kitchens should be placed in niches, which makes it possible to always take place for cooking in the zone of multifunctional room. For this purpose, it is not bad to have a hob, possibly with a stove and oven, which can be replaced by modern kitchen equipment mounted and preserving the style of the rural premises. You should also place a table with built -in cabinets, where it will be convenient to process products and use it as a dining table. Thus, the functional zone for the meal is combined and this creates amenities for the operation of the kitchen and the dining room.

It is advisable to place the kitchen-niche closer to the exit from the room. The option of leaving the kitchen to the terrace and with the exit associated with the personal plot, which will rationally use buildings and landscape. Observing the best folk traditions to decorate the room, the use of white plaster, wood and stones in the interior, will create coziness of a modern rural house.