Italian designers presented improved interior doors

Interior doors are an important component that complements and decorates the interior of each apartment. Moreover, when choosing doors, both external attractiveness and their operational characteristics are important. It is very important that the door is strong, the surface does not scratch, and the canvas is not deformed. Otherwise, even the most beautiful door will very quickly lose its external attractiveness. Therefore, it is very important that these qualities are combined in the interior doors as harmonious as possible, otherwise the use of such doors of the desired result will not bring the owner.

Recently, the Italian company Romagnoli has introduced new materials into production that can increase strength and improve the operational parameters of the interior doors of this brand.

Of course, now the market is offered a huge selection of home doors. They are made in different ways from various materials: wood, bamboo, MDF plastic, glass, chipboard and others. Moreover, the properties of the doors depend on the material from which they are made. Therefore, if you have an old interior door, it can always be replaced with a more modern.

New interior doors in Italy will be made from improved materials that guarantee more advanced sound indicators – and heat is not permeable.

Experts distinguish new interior doors to a separate group. All their elements are made of woody arrays. The finish of the door leaf is made of ash veneers and a bleached oak. Modern advanced wood processing methods allow you to give the surface such a structure that outwardly almost no different from the texture of natural wood.