It’s time to change the whitewash on the ceiling

The surface of the ceiling, like all other objects of repair work, is prepared from window openings to the door. The main task in this process is to get rid of the aged whitewashing layers.

The easiest method is washing, but it is applicable only if the whitewashing is on the ceiling in a small amount and applied with a thin layer. To do this, first of all, you need to wet the surface of the ceiling with a sprayer or detergent vacuum cleaner. The greater the degree of getting wet, the easier it will be to wash off the whitewashing. Recently, they often choose good metal doors in St. Petersburg, they are cheap.

Rinsing must be carried out using a porous sponge or large brush. To avoid pollution and accelerate the work, washing off should be done from the extreme point to the center. Rinsing the surface must be completed by washing with a soap solution, which includes laundry soap.

If the ceiling whitewashing was carried out repeatedly, it is necessary to make great efforts. In this case, a spatula will come to the rescue, which can easily remove the massive OV. Wetting must immediately be carried out using soap solution, which provides better absorption.

In the most difficult situation, when the surface is covered with water -based paint, it is necessary to apply hot soap water. The spatula needs to make small notches for better absorption of the solution. It is also possible to use a brush with a metal pile that will provide frequent scratches and the best penetration of soap solution.