Interior doors Mario Rioli

Not so long ago, a new manufacturer of this kind of product, which differs in European quality, appeared on the doors market in Russia. They became a new factory specializing in the release of interior doors, working under the brand of interior doors Mario Rioli. This brand belongs to the oldest company in Europe. And then, finally, she opened her production in Tula.

This, of course, will make more affordable products of European quality for our consumer. Mario Rioli factory adheres to certain standards. This is the obligatory manufacture of doors with a parish, which at times increases sound insulation, and also maintains heat in your house or office much better. Only here they really produce high -tech products. These are telescopic boxes and platbands, adjusted in size. Special pride – Italian castle with a silent plastic tongue.

Only this manufacturer can please you with Tick or Mahaon color doors, still quite new in the Russian market and therefore especially attractive for potential buyers. Having carefully studied the products of the new factory, we can safely assure you that Mario Rioli doors meet the highest requirements and are simply the limit of dreams of the most picky buyer.