Interior doors from Italy

In the modern market of Russia, the doors of Italy are especially common. It can be glass, laminated, wooden doors, but they all differ in an excellent quality of the finish and a harmonious design. Today, Italian interior doors are presented in the market very wide. The doors are presented varied. There are options for laminated doors, which often represent how chipboard trimmed with special paper-smoke film according to a special technology. But in the West, lamination is chipboard, which is decorated with layered plastic. The laminate is resistant to mechanical exposure and at the same time it has, unlike paper covering, excellent aesthetic characteristics.

Own doors are more tradition than a necessity. In our minds, the need for the use of natural wood has long been rooted, and manufacturers are trying to create all kinds of options for such doors. The range of shades of wood and its structure is very large. But at the same time it is very difficult to achieve the constancy of the appearance and properties of mechanical. When choosing such doors, it is important to remember that nevertheless a veneer is a natural material and over time it can fade and darken. Glass doors will be able to decorate any interior. The surface made of hardened glass will expand visually the space, and the room will be able to add uniqueness to the room. In the use of the door, glass are very convenient and durable.