Installation problems: lack of temperature bridges.

The wall in which the window block is mounted is a weak link. This is because it has a weak resistance of heat transfer. As a result of these processes, a zone arises on a window slope, which has a temperature below the “dew point”. As a result of these reasons, significant thermal losses and condensation may occur due to these reasons. This can provoke the appearance of a mold fungus. The same rule applies to windows without quarters. In the absence of the latter, the risk of cold bridges increases. This suggests that it is necessary to carefully consider the heat engineering of the adjacent nodes.

A feature of polyvinyl chloride windows is the factor that it is characterized by significant temperature linear extensions. To be expressed differently, plastic windows when heated with sunlight, including sash, frames and other elements increase in size. This physics law must be taken into account when installing window systems from plastic to the opening. To avoid deformations and undesirable consequences that can lead to the reinstalling of the window. It is always necessary to contact qualified specialists with experience in work.