Installation of electrical installations

The implementation of some part of these works is explained by the fact that the workshops of the MZU in the pre -trial and trigger period are manufactured by products that are produced by factories, but for various reasons are not allocated to installation management or not received on time. Consequently, in emergency conditions, they contribute to ensuring the continuity of speed installation and input of objects into effect.

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On the installation of electrical installations of the complex of the first stage of the domain furnace with a volume of 5037 m3 “Kryvyurozhstal” 27 transformer substations, 258 distribution devices, 105 thyristor and unregulated converters, 1155 shields and control cabinets, 2055 DC engines, 16.5 thousand are mounted. Svetilnikov, 1426 km cable, 556 km of isolated wires, 30 thousand. terminal cable arcs.

The volume of electrical work performed by the Dneproelectrom deposit trust amounted to about 4% of the total volume of construction and installation work performed in the construction of industrial facilities of the launch complex of the first stage of the domain furnace.

In September 1974. The number of electrical installers, including adjusters and designers, was maximum, approximately 900 people.