Installation and use of laminate

Laminate today is the most popular and widely used floor covering, it can be installed on any surface. It is installed very easily and does not require much time.

It can be washed with simple detergents, it also does not need special care. The laminate also has a relatively non -high price, environmentally friendly, it can be used both in residential premises and in offices.

Laying the laminate is very simple, the main thing is that there is an even floor, it needs to be placed in the groove. The laminate is also wear -resistant and is divided into different classes in quality from low – to high. The laminate class is chosen depending on what loads will be made on it and in which room it will be applied.

Nowadays, laminate is used not only on the floor, on the walls and even the ceiling. If the laminate will be laid on the walls and ceiling, then you can choose the lowest class. And if on the floor, for example, in the corridor or kitchen, on which mostly the largest loads are made, then it is better not to save and take the highest class. Laminate can be of different colors and patterns.

The laminate can be laid on the wall in the corridor, it is very practical and convenient, since it is there that the walls are subject to the greatest friction. In the kitchen, laminate is used in the working area, it is easy to wash, and it does not require any additional care. In the bedroom, they lay the floor from the laminate and at the head of the bed or up to half the wall – which is very beautiful and original.