How to use liquid foam

Liquid foam is a completely new type of insulation, which in its technical qualities exceeds its ancestor of the polystyrene foam. Penoizole is also used when thermal insulation of air ducts of various residential buildings is not only for facade, but internal works. Fire retardant processing of structures in the shortest period should also be carried out. Using quality materials. But how to use it correctly so that the heat leak does not occur?

According to statistics in houses insulated with liquid foam, heat loss is half as much compared to those buildings that were insulated with ordinary mineral wool. It is worth noting that such a material has a number of excellent physical properties. Neither microbes nor mold fungi are afraid of him.

According to technology, the production of fluid foam occurs directly at the construction site. The result is a significant savings and time for the transportation of materials. If in the building, fill out the existing cracks with liquid foam, then they will never miss moisture again, and condensation will not appear in them, since the material is porous in structure. It will take at least 3 hours to complete its complete drying.

As for the minuses, you can identify them very little. For example, in horizontal work, liquid foam settles and exudes an unpleasant odor, which still passes in an hour. In any case, liquid foam is much better than many thermal insulation materials, both in terms of their qualities and in price.