How to use a roller correctly

It is used in order to cope with the painting of sufficiently large surfaces, for example, the ceiling. For paint, use a bath (this is a flat container with a pair of steps and sides). The paint roller roll one step, and then excess is left on the other. It is better to paint the ceiling in directions perpendicular to each other. Then the paint is better out. Sometimes the ceiling is painted three times, but if the paint is of good quality, a pair of layers is enough.

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The choice of long -haired, wide or narrow roller depends on the material from which the ceiling is made. A wide roller will allow you to significantly save not only precious time and strength, but also paint. If the roller has a small pile, then it will apply the paint in a layer even and more accurately than a roller whose pile has a large or medium length.

Work with a rude surface with a roller with a fairly long pile, as it will paint all the irregularities of the walls. Also rollers come from various materials. Most rollers are made of synthetic fibers, as they are the most universal. But there are also rollers of sheep wool or mohair (this is a goat wool).