How to transform a country house?

The past event was able to collect sufficiently famous experts who work directly in the field of suburban real estate. Among them a survey was conducted. At the same time, 98% of the participants confirmed that it is the aesthetic component that is the most important role

, as well as a suburban type at home with decorative facades, it is they who are in the greatest demand, especially in comparison with faceless brick or plastered cottages. It is noted that the best way to transform the existing facade of any suburban house is the execution of its decoration, while the thorough restructuring is not required at all. In this performance, it is absolutely not necessary to perform plaster or lining the house with a stone. It is quite enough to simply decorate the facade with some details of a decorative nature, as a result of all this, the cottage will be able to transform in the most amazing way. In addition, the timing of work will also be able to decrease. Oleg Strazkov, holding the post of general director Miel, noted the fact that by performing the facade cladding, a quite typical house can become the most individual, while he gave the results of calculations, the estimate of which increased by only 2068 rubles. per 1 sq. m.. The most interesting thing is that the terms necessary for construction in this case practically do not increase. During the design, all the little things are taken into account, allowing sufficiently immersed in a fairly comfortable environment that are inherent in objects of the de luxury class.