How to stick wallpaper correctly

There are several ways to overlay wallpaper – overlap and vask. Using the first option, only thin paper wallpapers with a simple pattern are glued. This is an easy option and does not require special knowledge and skills. But with the second way, difficulties may arise. To begin with, when choosing wallpapers, give preferences to those species on a non -woven basis, they are glued better than a paper -based wallpaper. Carefully cheat so that all the rolls are correctly selected in accordance with the color and pattern.

In order to glue the wall with non -woven wallpaper, glue can only be applied directly to the wall surface. It is advisable to do this several times. As for the paper wallpaper, the glue is applied to the surface of the wall and to the surface of the wallpaper. The Bulgarian is now very popular, it is used by many.

As a rule, after the canvas of paper wallpaper glues to the wall, bubbles with air appear. In this case, they should be carefully pierced with a needle and then after drying out of them there will be no trace. Cut the wallpaper with a special painting knife and using a spatula, which will also help to smooth them out.

It is also worth noting that if you are not a specialist in the walls of the walls, then having glued one roll of wallpaper, let it dry and evaluate the result. Only after he will satisfy you, start further pasting.