How to stick a ceiling skirting board

Girl, or a ceiling skirting board, a very practical interior detail – he makes the room more beautiful, and hides unevenness between the wall and the ceiling. It is not difficult to glue a skirting board yourself. Choosing a filler depending on the size of the room. A wide filler is well suited for a large area, and in a small room a wide skirting board will look too bulky, so it’s better to take it more. At first, the plinth is driven without glue so that it does not interfere with the cutting of the baseboard. The corners are cut first by 45 degrees, and then attached to the place of their installation and fit finally. By the way, you can also choose inexpensive stretch ceilings that look more beautiful than a ceiling skirting board, but it is harder to install.

Ceiling plinth is cut without difficulty with an ordinary sharp knife. If the baseboard is glued to the wallpaper, then we use glue, and if this is done before the wallpaper sticker on the plucked wall, then you can glue with putty. Having glued the skirting board to the wallpaper sticker, you can simplify the processing process – the excess putty will be squeezed out, and it will only remain to remove it. The glue is applied to the filler with a spatula along the entire length, and tightly pressed into the corner. Not filled gaps are covered with putty. If the filler is glued to the wallpaper, the cracks are covered with white silicone. So that the baseboard does not differ from the ceiling in color, they can be painted with water -based paint in the color of the ceiling.