How to save parquet for a long time

One of the most practical flooring for the floor that have ever existed is parquet. Reasons to assert this, quite a lot. The appearance of this material is simply magnificent. At the same time, the parquet is absolutely natural, since wood is used for its manufacture. If you are looking for a high -quality parquet board, then you should follow the following link. The site presents a high -quality parquet board – the price is low.

If careful care is conducted behind the parquet, it can last a century without serious problems. But it must be understood that the attitude should be carefully manifested in everything. For example, you should forget about moving furniture on fiber parquet. Under the legs of heavy objects you need to put rubber lining.

It should also be noted that even despite the fact that the parquet is characterized by strength and durability, it still reacts quite sensitively to physical influences. Therefore, it should not be hit by heavy or sharp objects. Observing such rules, the coating will be able to save for a long time.

Parquet needs to be careful systematically. Twice a week, it is necessary to clean the flooring with a wet rag. Every six or seven years, such a complex procedure is performed as grinding. Thanks to it, the surface is completely updated.