How to repair the ceiling

The ceiling can be repaired with the lowest costs if you carry out construction work yourself. First, the old whitewash is removed. To do this, you can use a scraper, a spatula and a roller for wetting the surface of the ceiling. Work should start from the window and move to the door. All tubercles and growths must be removed to make the surface as smooth as possible. After cleaning the ceiling, a primer solution is applied to the floor slabs. This suspension allows you to increase the clutch between the materials.

All cracks and holes that are found after surface cleaning should be filled with putty. The surface of the surface is carried out 2 times to fill the recesses that formed on the surface of the concrete slabs. If the age of the house exceeds 40 years, you can use construction bandages.

After putting the surface, it is polished with a wooden bar, which is wrapped in sandpaper. The result should be a smooth surface, which is covered with a solution of the primer. For painting the ceiling, it is better to use acrylic paint. If necessary, a little water is added to the paint.

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