How to repair a nursery for a girl

Prepare: finishing materials, lamps and children’s furniture. Usually for the room girls choose pink tones. Dilute the pink interior will help two additional colors, for example, chocolate and turquoise. Choose high -quality furniture that will not hurt the health of the child. The bed should be large enough, because it is on it that girls most often play with their dolls.

The toilet table should be equipped with many drawers. Do not forget about the cabinet, desktop and chest storage chest. You can choose a children’s wall already decorated in a single style. This option is perfect for a small room.

Make zonal lighting in the room. Hanging the chandelier, install the lamps also above the bed, on the work table and near the mirror. We advise you to make lighting under the Eurosvet, the catalog of which you can see by passing the above link.

If you do not want to make a room in pink colors, select other successfully combined colors. For example, Ecc with pale blue or raspberry and lime, as well as herbaceously green with apricot. All these shades not only soothe, but also do not tire their eyes.

Do not make a nursery in the style of a cartoon, because the preferences of children are extremely variable.